Appeals Policy

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General Rules

  • Probe It Food Safety is committed to ensuring appeals are resolved in an unbiased, consistent and timely manner. Appeals are a request to reconsider an adverse decision related to our Food Handler Course Certificate Program
    • We guarantee transparent and unbiased investigation and resolutions for appeals. Either the supervisor of the employee(s) involved in the issue of the appeal or the administrative team will be responsible for appeal resolution.
    • The appeal must be submitted within 30 days of the incident.
    • The outcome of the investigation will be communicated to the appellant, with initial communication to the appellant occurring within two business days. The investigation will be given precedence to achieve resolution as soon as possible.
    • All communication with the appellant, including the decision and reasons for resolution, will be conducted through email.
    • Appeal resolution will be confidential.
    • No fee will be issued for submitting an appeal.

    Any appeals related to Probe It Food Safety’s services can be addressed by sending an email to Appellants are required to provide the following in their appeal request to resolve the issue in the best and fastest manner:

    • First and last name for identification
    • Email they are registered under, if applicable
    • Phone number
    • Reason for appeal
    • Requested corrective action

Contact us at if you have any questions.