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Probe It Food Safety is striving to be the leader in providing education on proper safe food handling practices and preventing food-borne illnesses to the food service sector. We achieve this by offering course content that is informative, instructional, practical and yet, engaging for our clients. Our core values are excellence, integrity, and innovation.

Our Food Handler Certification program has been accredited by the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) and holds the accreditation ID 8891. ANAB is the nationally-recognized accreditation board that accredits food handler training courses that meet the Standard Practice of Certifcate Programs. This means our food handler training program is considered effective in ensuring those who receive a certificate from our program have met our learning objectives.

The Probe It Food Handler Certificate Program details the fundamental practices required to handle food safely. These practices relate to: awareness of different types foodborne illness, safe food handling, prevention of contamination, personal hygiene, cleaning and sanitizing, and maintenance of a food premise.

Our Instructors

Probe It Food Safety’s programs and services have been developed by the experts in the food service industry – Public Health Inspectors. The food handler program offered by Probe It Food Safety allows for food handlers to get their card conveniently while providing the best possible learning options.

The Probe It Food Handler Certificate Program has been developed by food safety subject matter experts in coordination with instructional design professionals. The collective expertise of these individuals span several decades. In addition, Probe It Food Safety communicates and receives input concerning this program from an established Advisory Group whose membership consists of food operators and industry experts. The Advisory Group reviews the Food Handler Certificate Program’s core program elements.

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Course and exams are offered on evening and weekends to provide food handlers flexibility around their busy schedules.

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Food handler cards served the way you ordered. Join our growing community of Food Handlers to see why Probe It is their preferred choice for food safety training.